February 2022 — round-up of posts

Tiny ink drawings of house, sheep, toad

Here is quick master list of the February 2022 blog posts (not including Patreon posts).

The starred posts have art and writing exercises (tags: writing exerciseart exercise), but most of the observation journal posts can generally be adapted for those purposes too.

Also, I started a mailing list (not a newsletter; it’s for major news and things people might have missed). You can sign up here:

Mailing List Sign-Up

Tiny ballpoint sketch of girl walking in a breeze

Posts over on Patreon, at various tiers, included: teasers about a musical performance; early notice of publications; advance week-by-week observation journal disclosures, with PDFs; PDF tables of a book or two’s worth of short story notes; sneak-peeks of test patches for top-secret projects; a PDF zine of Queens of Mystery sketches; early access to author/art director/publisher interviews; the results of adventures in book printing; slides and readings from a writing workshop; and a few flood updates which postponed some other posts.

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