Flood update

Sketches of people setting off to clean and delivery cold drinks

Well, the floods got worse (and far worse in NSW), and now the cleanup is on. (I wasn’t flooded, but the street was cut off and there was no power for a few days.)

I haven’t done much sketching, because it was so many people’s immediate, personal loss, and there was a lot of harder, more important work to do.

But on Saturday the Mud Army 2.0 arrived, numerous and cheerful, and by then I was driving instead of carrying things, so I snuck in a few sketches when I was pulled over.

Sketches of people cleaning things, and police horses

If you’d like to help:

  • Givit is the main officially-recognised organisation matching donations to needs.
  • Volunteering Queensland or Volunteering NSW if you’re on the ground (or local community Facebook groups, or equivalent NSW)
  • Support directly. E.g. ReLove is one of my favourite cafes, where I edited a lot of Flyaway (it’s in the acknowledgements) and where I get a lot of my odder art reference materials. I’ve been washing vintage plates and running bags of microfibre towels through the dryer. They have a GoFundMe to replace destroyed equipment (or their PayPal address is info@reloveoxley.com).
Photo of contents of flooded shop piled on kerb

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