March 2022 — round-up of posts

Tiny sketches of people singing and dancing and doing acrobatics at a cabaret

Here is quick master list of the March 2022 blog posts (not including Patreon posts). Fewer posts this month, because I took a break during the floods.

Sketches of people setting off to clean and delivery cold drinks

The starred posts have (or relate to) art and writing exercises (tags: writing exerciseart exercise), but most of the observation journal posts can generally be adapted for those purposes too.

Sketchbook page with very fast and sketchy coloured marker sketches of various cosplayers at Oz Comic-Con

Also, I have a mailing list now (not a newsletter; it’s for major news and things people might have missed). You can sign up here: Mailing List Sign-Up

Album cover: mermaid drowning a sailor in a blue linocut illustration, with album title "Love Songs For Jilted Mermaids — Foulweather Bluff"

Posts over on Patreon, at various tiers, included: sneak peeks of illustration projects, tiny details of yet-to-be-published maps, an untamed Dalek, glimpses of test prints for some evolving projects, process posts, printable bookmarks and borders, and a several weeks of observation journal pages (with PDFs).

Cropped glimpse of bird-and-daisy bookmark patterns

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