Author/Editor conversation: Angela Slatter, Cath Trechman, and me

Link to Author/Editor Episode 5 on the BWF website

The Brisbane Writers Festival and the Institute of Professional Editors have put together a series of conversations between authors and editors, and ours has just been released! This time, it’s editing relationships all the way down — Cath Trechman is Angela’s editor at Titan, and Angela has edited me, and I’ve had tangential kind-of-sort-of editorial conversations with people from an illustrators perspective…

You can buy single-episode on-demand access or season passes here: Author/Editor Episode 5

And you can see the other episodes (released and forthcoming) here: Online events and series.

IPEd tweet: Award-winning gothic fantasy author Angela Slatter discusses creative processes with her #editor at Titan Books, Cath Trechman, and her illustrator, Kathleen Jennings, also an award-winning gothic fantasy writer whose works have been edited by Angela.

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