October 2022 — round-up of posts

Two pages of tiny colourful sketches of cosplayers

Here is a quick master list of the October 2022 blog posts (not including Patreon posts). I hurt my main typing elbow this month, which curtailed typing and drawing time. Nevertheless, I managed to get a little bit done. And now I’m in the USA for the World Fantasy Convention!

Tiny ballpoint sketch of two people looking at a third walking by

The starred posts have art and writing exercises (tags: writing exerciseart exercise).

Page of observation journal with pasted-down silhouette of flowers and leaves, with gold detailing and handwritten notes
black feathers on a grasscloth-wallpaper patterned with a skeleton orchestra

Posts over on Patreon at various tiers included: sneak peeks of upcoming projects, test prints, new maps, voluminous sketches, and early access to the calendar, along with two alternative colour schemes.

Snippet of silhouette with wasps and flowers
Art for Wildendrem, which is kickstarting now! I’ll post a process post soon

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