2022 Art — an incomplete survey

Some Patreon stationery

This post is a non-exhaustive round-up of 2022’s art — mostly projects published, as there are of course also projects completed but which I can’t show or can only discuss indirectly, and so on. (For writing, see 2022 Writing Update.)

I’m almost entirely certain I have missed some significant milestones — I did lose a chunk of time and focus to being unwell. And I definitely have worked on a lot of other art that Has Not Yet Been Revealed.

This post is quite long, because of the images, so if you’re reading on the blog, the rest is below this cut:

Photo of book Flight, closed, on original illustrations
Flight, by Angela Slatter and illustrated by me, was published by PS Publishing!
Tiny ink drawings of house, sheep, toad
Lots more art in the Wilderlore process post and interviews

Album cover: mermaid drowning a sailor in a blue linocut illustration, with album title "Love Songs For Jilted Mermaids — Foulweather Bluff"
Foulweather Bluff’s Love Songs for Jilted Mermaids came out, with my art on the album
Cut paper silhouette swirl with fish, birds, person with paper planes
Story prompt art for Wordplay Annual Qld Schools Microfiction Writing Competition
Close-up of illustrated bookstore map printed on newsprint
The map of Western Massachusetts Bookstores I drew for Book Moon came out!
Mock-ups of a book of map making instructions
And designed this little instruction book for a sequence of map workshops for the Brisbane Libraries
My art was featured as endpapers in Flight magazine
Hand holding bookplate sticker: gold pattern of hind girls dancing on black paper
I designed these foil-printed book signing plates for Angela Slatter
Photo of book opened to signing page with watercolour design of mushrooms and tiny creatures
Watercolour and ink signing page for LitJoy Crate’s special edition of The Cruel Prince
"The Valley of Flowers" cover — a silhouette (yellow to pink gradient on dark blue background) of flowers with beasts and knights and monks among them, and towers below descending like roots
The cover for Phantom Mill Press’s game Wildendrem
Photo of A1 prints of art on easels in front of long windows in a university corridor
I had prints in an art show at Kanagawa University!
Photo of the boards under the dustjacket of Holly Black's The Stolen Heir: a line drawing of a fox leaping downwards with a heart in its jaws
The cover foils for Holly Black’s The Stolen Heir were revealed… (photo pinched from Holly’s instagram)

World Fantasy Convention art show

Illustrator battle at Where the Wild Things Are bookshop

12 tiled fairytale patterns
Twelve calendar designs, with multiple colourways

Many observation journal drawings — and many observation journal posts, although primarily with pages from previous years. I need to hurry up and gain some ground on that posting schedule!

Rolls of wallpaper with skeletons and trees
Many more designs uploaded to Spoonflower and Redbubble

A reasonable amount of sketching (there are several galleries below, one per event).

TV sketching — see the tag or the gallery below

And some TV sketching: see the tag or the gallery below.

And many and various projects for patrons.

a tiny city for a Patreon short story
Cropped glimpse of bird-and-daisy bookmark patterns
Screenshot of flat colours in circles, without lines — hint of hood and person carrying bag on stick over shoulder

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