January 2023 — round-up of posts

12 tiled fairytale patterns

Here is a quick master list of the January 2023 blog posts (not including Patreon posts).

Tiny handwritten notes listing very general and largely illegible types of lists
Small fast digital sketches of multiple characters and costumes from The Snoop Sisters

Posts over on Patreon at various tiers included: repeating illustrated bands for printing on stationery, a PDF colouring book of the 2022 calendar pages, sneak-peeks at a silhouette project in progress, project sketches, and trials for a style for yet another project, files provided by Batwrangler for printing miniature versions of several years of calendar colouring books, PDFs of observation journal pages, timelapse videos, a tiny story, advance access to the calendar, and additional colourways.

Black and blue drawing of skewed buildings, with some yellow lights showing at the windows

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