Once more, with feline

I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy drawing cats (Cats; Stray Bats). Lately, going through files, I keep coming across sketches and projects with cats in them. They appear in a variety of media and, in some cases, distinctly different approaches … Continue reading

The late week

Monsters! This new, Karen Beilharz-helmed anthology of comics (with sea monsters by me) is now funding on Pozible. It’s all written and illustrated but we need the pre-orders to get it printed. Rewards include a map by me. (Because it’s been … Continue reading

This week: news and matters of note

“What dreadful Hot weather we have! – It keeps one in a continual state of Inelegance.” – Jane Austen, writing to her sister Cassandra, Sept. 1796 The Bitterwood Bible is now out in paperback. I drew Alison Goodman, author of Lady … Continue reading

Books read, things seen – January 2016

Books finished The Accidental Creative – Todd Henry: Read on Peter Ball‘s repeated recommendation, and proving very practical as I sort out how this year is working. The Black Sheep – Georgette Heyer: I’d forgotten I’d read this book until … Continue reading

Cover art and illustrations: The Bread We Eat in Dreams – part 2

Part One of the process posts for Catherynne M Valente’s collection The Bread We Eat in Dreams  (from Subterranean Press) is here. If you click on the pictures, most should have an option to see a larger version. The many-talented Trudi Canavan … Continue reading