About Kathleen Jennings

Kathleen Jennings

Contact: tanaudel@gmail.com

Portfolio: kathleenjennings.com

Kathleen Jennings is a three-time World Fantasy Award shortlisted illustrator and Ditmar award winning writer based in Brisbane, Australia.


She has illustrated for clients such as Tor.com, Small Beer Press, Subterranean Press, Tartarus Press, Ticonderoga Publications, FableCroft Press, Odyssey Press, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine and Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild as well as private commissions. Her portfolio is at: kathleenjennings.com


She writes fantasy short stories and comics (mythic, urban and steampunk). Her bibliography is here: tanaudel.wordpress.com/writing/.


Her collaborative work with Angela Slatter is represented by Alex Adsett Publishing Services.

Otherwise currently self-represented.

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