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Illustration Friday: Smoke

A little silhouette of a lady burning secrets. I’m quite happy with how the stripes turned out.

Smoke GIF

Illustration Friday: Prince

Life has been somewhat fragmentary lately (more or less under control, but more commuting than usual). So here are some sketches working towards the Illustration Friday topic. I keep a separate little sketchbook for working through ideas, just playing around and chasing associations, crown angles, etc.

Some star-folk for this week’s topic.

I’ve earmarked them for May’s calendar, so check back to see that  soon!


And here’s a bonus gown, as I was playing with Daniel Smith watercolours for several projects.

And another, which isn’t sparkly at all, but for which I have schemes.


And in other news, Monsters is 46% funded, and many of the comics have been uploaded. If you’d like to preorder and/or support, that would be wondeful – and you can get a poster of a map drawn by me as one of the rewards!


This is a placeholder/sneak-peek, as due to the Natcon this weekend (and other deadlines) the April calendars may not be finished until after the Illustration Friday topic changes.

They have, for me, a strong association with Jonathan Creek, as the Lewis episode with Alan Davies was playing while I inked it (giving away all my secrets here).

I’m a little in love with these dragons.



A late dash with watercolour (and gold acrylic) for Illustration Friday topic: “Childhood”.  

It’s a sketch for a larger idea, but also watercolour practice towards some future projects.


Illustration Friday: Village - work in progress

For this week’s Illustration Friday topic, “Village”, I was working out some composition ideas for other projects (and working around the edges of an offcut), and playing with some long-term desires to draw small houses. 
Illustration Friday: Village

The primary influences, however, are the movie Dark City and E. Nesbit’s “The Town in the Library (in the Town in the Library)”, and watching British murder mysteries while constructing bookcases. Oddly, until after I mocked up the poster below, Shyamalan’s movie did not even occur to me – which is a shame, because I quite liked it, and it had beautiful colours.

Illustration Friday: Village poster


A wild ride for March’s calendar, and for Illustration Friday topic “Shelter”.

Illustration Friday: Shelter

By clicking on the images below you should go through to the full-size image, which if you wish you can print in colour, or to colour in, according to taste.

March final - outline March final - colour

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