Conflux 4: Escape from the ACT

Conflux 4 is over. I have abandoned Aimee to Emma and Gillian and a tour of the culinary oddities of the Canberra Centre, and am back in Brisbane. My throat very decently held off becoming sore until after the closing ceremony.

Five highlights of Conflux 4:

  1. Eating Drunken Dalek Cake with our hands out of a tupperware container in the dealer’s room.
  2. Dancing at the Masquerade to 99 Luftballons, Neverending Story and a mashup of Green Day’s Graduation Day and the Dr Who song.
  3. Discussing full-face casts, moo cards and Victorian women’s literature while sitting on the floor of the hotel conference level.
  4. Conversations with random (non-con) hotel guests in the erratic lifts about Pan’s Labyrinth.
  5. Subversive cartography.

Five highlights of Canberra:

  1. The painting my brother-in-law made for their remodelled lounge room, and my sister showing off my nephews in their sleep.
  2. Sharing a Belgian Spoil with my sister at Coco Black.
  3. Live Leunig theatre in the tulip fields of Floriade.
  4. Reading the first 6 chapters of Ibbotson’s The Secret Countess at Borders.
  5. Maximum temperatures several degrees below Brisbane’s minimum.

Five slightly odd things:

  1. The lifts at Rydges, which operate (traditionally) on a principle similar to Russian roulette.
  2. The bar staff, who may or may not have been burglars who tied up the actual bar staff and were themselves trapped when customers began arriving.
  3. Both A & I being complimented and pursued.
  4. Not eating dessert. (More particularly, being physically unable to confront dessert after the first two courses of the Regency Banquet).
  5. The products the self-confessed mystic (consultant and singer-songwriter) who feels I will meet my husband in New York advised me to obtain there.

Five books I bought:

  1. Lucy Sussex – A Tour Guide in Utopia
  2. Daikaiju
  3. Kelly Link – Magic for Beginners
  4. Stephen Dedman – Never Seen by Waking Eyes
  5. Mike Resnick – The Dark Lady

Five disappointments:

  1. Not being able to meet up with Deb.
  2. Not returning to Floriade to buy chai.
  3. Unrequited love.
  4. Not trying out room service.
  5. Being invited to join the Australian SFF writers at a function at the Australian Consulate in New York and then finding out it is on the same night as the night for which we have bought Broadway theatre tickets.

Oh, how annoyed I am about that last.