Working on Flight! In so many senses. It’s drawing very near…

The Ordinary Dalek

Another rediscovered instalment of the Dalek Game! This one was for M M Kaye’s wonderful fairytale, The Ordinary Princess. The best princess, the best prince, the best wicked (or disgruntled) stepmother, the best names. Approached in my affections only by E Nesbit’s “Melisande, or Long and Short Division”, which loses because M M Kaye’s illustrations (her own work) are just so charming.

I meant to do something fancy with her, but ran out of days.

Angela Slatter and I have signed with an agent: Alex Adsett Publishing Services! Alex will represent us as a writing/illustrating team, which is hugely exciting. I feel almost like an adult.

Here is a glimpse of one of the projects we have been working on:

Illustration for Genevieve and the Dragon

And here is my illustrator photo. The fox at top left is one of my favourite foxes so far. The mug behind the ink bottle is the Mozi peacock mug my younger sister gave me years ago and it definitely has tea in it! Not paint water.

Kathleen Jennings profile sketch

The Dalek in the Morning

This is not a return to the series, unless I find vast quantities of time and space up my sleeves… but I found a page of Dalek Game pictures I never used!

This was for M. M. Kaye‘s very charmingly written autobiography The Sun in the Morning, an account of her childhood in the Raj in India.

Illustration Friday: VillainBack to the desultory playing card series for this Illustration Friday topic, “Villain”. This is not, incidentally, the original villain of my imaginary deck. One should, however, always be wary when taking directions from strange cats.

It is a tiny little cut-paper piece (although I had fun with the thistles and would like to do a larger version), digitally edited.

Illustration Friday: Villain

There’s a fair bit going on in offline life at the moment (mostly good and hopeful except for the leaky roof), but this weekend past I finished two covers with which I am very happy. The first has been announced!

This was a fairly short turnaround. I ended up putting together the thumbnail roughs in my notebook during a panel at the Brisbane Writers Festival (this is pretty much my ideal way of working – I had SUCH A GOOD TIME at the BWF).

Bloodlines - thumbnail sketches

Then I made an oval template by quartering, cutting, unfolding, fixing etc a piece of white paper (because sometimes it’s satisfying to do things from first principles, she said lazily), pencilled and cut out the image. I had a lot of fun with architecture and venetians, although it got a bit non-Euclidean. I want to do more of these.

Bloodlines cover artI scanned that, cleaned it up, added a dash of red and white, and then sent it off to Amanda Pillar, the editor of Ticonderoga Publication’s newest anthology, Bloodlines. She and Russell B. Farr put the cover together wonderfully. I think it looks fabulous.

Bloodlines final cover

And yes, my secret identity, writer-Kathleen, has a story in it (and made it onto the cover too!). In fact, it is a pretty good lineup of dark urban fantasy:

  • Joanne Anderton “Unnamed Children”
  • Alan Baxter “Old Promise New Blood”
  • Nathan Burrage “The Ties of Blood, Hair and Bone”
  • Dirk Flinthart “In The Blood”
  • Rebecca Fung “In the Heart of the City”
  • Stephanie Gunn “The Flowers That Bloom Where Blood Touches Earth”
  • Kelly Hoolihan “The Stone and the Sheath”
  • Kathleen Jennings “The Tangled Streets”
  • Pete Kempshall “Azimuth”
  • Martin Livings “A Red Mist”
  • Seanan McGuire “Into the Green”
  • Anthony Panegyres “Lady Killer”
  • Jane Percival “The Mysterious Mr Montague”
  • Paul Starkey “The Tenderness of Monsters”
  • Lyn Thorne-Adder “Lifeblood of the City”
  • S. Zanne “Seeing Red”

It will be launched in October, but pre-orders are open now. See more at:


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