January 2020 calendar! Bees!


Happy New Year! (Almost but not quite). I’ve hurt my back and am mostly horizontal, which makes drawing tricky, but I clawed my way to the drawing board and there is still a calendar, now, just barely, for January 2020.


It is bees! So many bees. I thought this would be simpler than earlier, pre bad-back plans I had, but I was extremely wrong. As ever, pre-coloured and to-colour-yourself files are below.

If you would like to support the calendar, and other similarly misguided artistic endeavours, into 2020, it would help your friendly, horizontal local illustrator very much. Patreon is here patreon.com/tanaudel (starts at $1/month!) or there is a tip jar at paypal.me/tanaudel.

January Calendar - ColourJanuary Calendar - Lines