Crows on fabric


My Go-Betweens design is now up on Spoonflower as fabric and wallpaper —  my 8×8″ swatches of Celosia Velvet, Silky Faille, and cotton just arrived this week.

It’s a repeating design based on the April 2020 calendar illustration, and was already up on Redbubble on various things (prints, cushions, shirts, etc).

You can find it (and other designs) by swatch, fat quarter, or yard(s) in my Spoonflower shop.


April Calendar: The Go-Betweens

Note: This calendar is supported by patrons, who get it a little bit early, along with other sneak-peeks and behind-the-scenes art:, and also by those very kind people who throw a few dollars towards it via the tip jar:

For the printable April calendar, here are an assortment of crows — or ravens, or interchangeable corvids, as the case may be — carrying messages and tokens.


This is partly because, for reasons associated with Flyaway, I’ve been talking to people about the fairy tale of “The Seven Ravens”, but mostly because when I was going through all my sketches for possible calendar ideas, a crow started calling outside my window.

(The Go-Betweens were, of course, also a Brisbane band, possibly most famous for Streets of Your Town, but also here is a lovely Winterpills cover of Bye Bye Pride).

And it’s also up as a print and a repeating pattern on Redbubble on cushions, throws, clothes, etc: The Go-Betweens. (Spoonflower to follow, but I have to wait for the sample swatches to arrive).


And here (for personal use) are the printable versions. If you like them and like supporting the arts, you can contribute to the calendar (and get it and other behind-the-scenes things early at) (starts at $1/month!) or through the tip jar at

April calendar - colour-webApril calendar - lines