Eclipse Online Illustrations – March 2013

These were, alas, the last published illustrations for Eclipse Online:

First was E Lily Yu‘s haunting, keyed-back story of the loss of loss: “Loss, with Chalk Diagrams” – a story with all its colours fading in memory like cold cigarette smoke.

At top is one of the inked drawings I discarded. The final image is at centre. The one at the bottom I adore, but it was a bit too quirky/upbeat for this beautiful understated story.

Loss, with Chalk Diagrams

And very last was An Owomoyela‘s “In Metal, In Bone“. It has been a privilege to read and illustrate all the excellent stories which appeared in Eclipse Online (thank you Jonathan). This one, the final tale, however, had one of the most powerful effects on me. It is a slow build, almost subtle, with a gradual gut-punch that I did not miss, but had to read over to make sure I had not imagined it.

In Metal, In Bone