Illustration Friday: Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves

Just don’t give them names!

An illustration in fine black marker and food colouring on watercolour paper. The latter is not the most permanent colour but it has such lovely strong colours and I haven’t found shades of ink which are quite as satisfactory.

Comments and criticism are always welcome.

And in housekeeping news, I have internet access at home again so should be back to more regularly scheduled, not-exclusively-art posts after the long weekend. Oh, and commenting, too.

Illustration Friday: Heavy

Heavy (original)

This Illustration Friday picture was drawn in Corel, which was less daunting after a break. I also tampered with it in Photoshop:

Heavy (swamp light)

You can see larger versions by clicking on the pictures. I like the second one best, but my mother prefers the original. There is also a blue version.

Comments and criticism are always welcome.

Two Milestones

Bearer of Bad News

I submitted a story to an anthology! I am regretting it now, and trying not to think about just how horrible it really was but am happy that it was written and edited and submitted (four minutes before the deadline!). The first draft was longhand, the second was typed: 6000+ words in three hours! My wrist is still sore.

My picture Bearer of Bad News (and I apologise for the angsty title, but am going with Aimee‘s suggestion that “Bad News” is the bird’s name) was accepted to Epilogue today! It’s juried (the old pictures in my gallery were accepted just before they tightened the requirements a few years ago and I will cull them if I can get a few more in this year to buoy my ego) and a great site for FSFH art and I am very excited at the moment.