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Moly_x: My entry in Anna Denise's Moly

Pen and ink, with just a touch of watercolour.

This is my entry in Anna Denise’s Moleskine for the portrait party exchange ( This is part of the international moleskine exchange (

Moleskine Exchange – Portrait Party


Here is my entry in RebelPapa’s moleskine for the portrait party exchange ( This is part of the international moleskine exchange (

What I took away from this experience was *not* to do self-portraits in a hurry in ink without sketching in pencil first while my sister tries to make you decide what film to watch.

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Moleskine Exchange: Mice, for Jenn

42nd Moleskine Exchange: Jenn's moly

Mice wouldn’t be my first choice as pets. I have lived through mouse plagues when cars went off the roads because of sheets of mice. They ate through wood and Tupperware and books and if you went out to the shed, they would be running around the bottoms of drums. The cats pretended they couldn’t see them, the local boys earned pocket money building better mouse traps and little old ladies devised novel ways of reusing mousepaper (like fly paper, only for mice).

But even so, I always liked sitting quietly on the stairs of the veranda and watching them dart out, all quick and dark-furred with their tiny delicate ears and fiercely curious faces. There was an old piano on the veranda, and the mice inside used to slide up and down the strings, sounding tiny notes.

The quote at the top is from Rose Fyleman’s poem, “I think mice are rather nice”. The music is from one of my favourite films.

For Jenn’s moleskine for the 42nd Moleskine Exchange This is part of the international moleskine exchange (

Moly_x_42 closeup: mouse on notes

My handbag bends the laws of physics

Cross-posted from the Moleskine Exchange 42 blog.

Ann-D's Moly - Moly_x_42

My contribution to Anna-Denise’s “What’s in my bag” moleskine. This is a representative example, not a comprehensive survey (also, not entirely to scale), but I would like to state – for the record – that yes, I do currently have a sonic screwdriver and a furnishing needle in my handbag :). The “Open other end” label is the sticker on the back of my every-day moleskine (I put stickers on them to tell them apart, but I try to scavenge them wherever possible – this was from Reverse Garbage, an offcut store). One of the stamps is from the envelope the book came in. The Melbourne stamp was floating loose in my wallet – I keep them in there in case I am filled with an uncontrollable urge to send postcards, but for the record am from Brisbane, although I have been to Melbourne.

The flickr page is here and you can see it larger here.

I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to get sketchbooks and other projects done, so I took this one to work yesterday and worked on it in Starbucks on the way to work and for a few minutes after I finished. I don’t have a pencil case in my handbag at the moment, so it was drawn straight on with markers which was probably a character-building experience.

An Encyclopaedia of Improbable Games

I agonised for longer than necessary over the theme of my moleskine for the 42nd International Moleskine exchange, but I’m glad I did because I really like the theme I settled on: An Encyclopaedia of Improbable Games. I’ve cross-posted my entry from the exchange blog below.

I am tempted to make the actual game, because it was so much fun doing this part. But I also like just imagining the bits of the board beyond the edges, and what might happen in the game, and how much fun it would be to say, “Okay, bar fight! Isabella wins!”, or throw a Bad Luck Monkey at someone. I was laughing to myself most of the way home on Friday night, when I thought of it.

Crosspost: An Encyclopaedia of Improbable Games

I’m here! Late, but here! My moly is themed “An Encyclopaedia of Improbable Games”, and can be any sort of game: board games, card games, skipping games, dangerous games, bizarre, twisted, excessively complicated games – as long as they’re improbable!

Mine is a proposal for a board game called “Heroine Content – Remix!”, played with dice and turntables and cards and spinners and volcanoes. The title is more than a nod to the Heroine Content blog, and the game takes some of my favourite heroines and throws them into each others’ universes, because I do want to know how Isabella Bird would react if she met Han Solo, or how Anne of Green Gables would cope in a bar brawl in Tibet.

My moly

There is more detail if you go through to Flickr and click on “all sizes”, but here are some close-ups of the three visible figures and my favourite cards:


Now I want to make this game! Or at least some Bad Luck Monkey cards…

Portrait Party Moleskine continues

I’m back on deck and catching up with moleskine exchanges. This is cross-posted from the Moly_X Portrait Exchange One. You can click on the picture to see it larger on its Flickr page.

Vast Expanses of Blue

Marina's moly - Sign-in

My contribution to the sign in page for Marina’s moly – I can dance, but I can’t dance well!

Marina's moly - Me

Self portrait executed in broad strokes (and illustrating the dangers of using flash photographs for reference).

Marina's moly - Marina

When doodling gets out of hand.

Red Islands

My first entry for moly_x_32 was featured on Moleskinerie!

This is a cross-post from moly_x_portrait1. To see larger versions/detail, click on the image to go to its Flickr page and then click on “all sizes” above the picture.

My entry in Jan's Moly

My entry in Jan’s moleskine – Jan right side up and me up side down. I continued some of the patterns and words from her entry.

Jan's Moly today

The full spread to-date.

page in Jan's Moly

My contribution to the mix & match sign-in page.

Sleeping Beauties

Cross-post from moly_x_32:

Queenslander houses, with their high stumps, polished floors, deep verandas and wooden lace, are not designed to keep heat in. They are freezing in winter (they also have many of the features of a wildlife corridor, but that’s another story), and so instead of working at one of my desks (one of which is in the annex and so basically a cold-room) I did my first entry on the coffee table while sitting crosslegged on the floor in front of Inspector Rex.

Here is my coffee table and floor:

First in my book

This is the full spread of my first entry, featuring bougainvillea, veranda railings and flowery prose:

First in my book

And a detail of the pop-up (with real Queenslander architecture in the background – those are coloured glass windows looking over the back yard):

First in my book

And some real bougainvillea from my parents’ yard:


All pictures are on Flickr, so you can click through and click on “all sizes” above the picture if you want a close-up.

ETA: It is posted and on its way to Robin. I didn’t take a photo, but the sign-in page is just the inside front cover – draw a little thing (I did a flower) and put your name and general location. I also put a flower postage stamp on the front cover, so if you have any stamps or stickers and this book comes through your hand, feel free to add them! And there are some moo cards in the back pocket for those what wants one.