Electoral sketching

Sketchbook page with sketches of people serving and buying sausages etc, coloured in yellow and blue

Election day sketching! A very cold, rainy day, so sketched near the sausages.

Photo of sausages in bread and a can of coke

Here are some action shots by Liz.

Photo over my shoulder of me sketching in small sketchbook — photo by Liz McKewin
Adding a touch of colour

Photo between wooden steps of me sketching — photo by Liz McKewin
Between steps at the school

Photo over my shoulder of me taking photo of sketchbook with subjects of sketchbook barbequeing sausages in background — photo by Liz McKewin
Getting meta

Well, this should be interesting

After voting on Tuesday (and being charmed to find that the voting booths at City Hall were located near a display of embroidery), occasionally forgetting I had voted, attending the Toogoolawa Camel Races, driving to Gatton, catching up with Aimee, breaking my car, waiting for the RACQ, finding the breaking-of-the-car was not my fault, being driven home by Aimee and engaging in consumption of baked cheesecake, I find that Howard has formally conceded defeat to Rudd.

Although not obvious from the above, I’ve been wrestling with whether I am willing to trade economic stability for social security.

 I guess I’ll find out.