An interview about Flight

Rick Kleffel of Narrative Species interviewed Angela Slatter and me about Flight!

Flight is out now from  PS Publishing.

Photo of book Flight, closed, on original illustrations

Here’s my first glimpse of it: Flight has arrived.

Flight has arrived!

Photo of book Flight, closed, on original illustrations

Flight, which we began work on in 2016, is now a real book in the world! My copies have now arrived from PS Publishing — and are shown here on top of the original pen and ink illustrations.

This picture of Emer at the beginning was one of the very first illustrations I did, to test the style.

Photo of first pages of Flight with picture of girl pulling feathers out her her palm, and some gloves

Entering a rose forest. At the time, this was one of the biggest projects I’d worked on — and might still be, in terms of the quantity of illustrations.

Book with illustration of girl entering rose forest

A hall full of shadows.

Illustration in book of long dim blue hallway

The jacketed hardback and the limited signed edition are available from PS Publishing here: Flight — Angela Slatter.

Sneak peek: Mirrors and clocked stockings

Here’s something exciting — a project by Angela Slatter, which has been several years in development since I first illustrated it, is now inching towards publication, and this morning we were looking over printed layouts!

More in due course, BUT I do remember particularly enjoying drawing that ornamental mirrored screen.

Flight — to be published by PS Publishing

Illustration in pen and ink with digital colour of a girl in a pink gown walking into a thicket of improbable roses, watched by a fox. A castle is in the background.

Some exciting news about a project that’s been a rumour for a while now. Angela Slatter‘s story Flight, with illustrations by me, is being published by PS Publishing UK, and is currently in layout and design mode.

More on that as it becomes available! In the meantime, PS Publishing have published Angela’s The Heart is a Mirror for Sinners and other stories, with cover art by Danielle Serra and an introduction by Kim Newman.

Skimming: A brief history of flight


In 2015, at the inspiration and instigation of Laura Goodin, the Australian Flute Festival and Conflux Science Fiction Convention staged a joint concert in Canberra, combining original compositions, short stories and art.

I designed the logo and a series of cut-paper illustrations to accompany Houston Dunleavy‘s original piccolo composition “Skimming”, performed by Melanie Walters. The piece was approximately six minutes long, so the illustrations are compiled into the gif, above, at a much faster rate (approx 1 minute, repeating). When putting this together I accidentally hit play on a swing-dance track, which makes it look like the opening credits to a silent-film-era space opera.

Cabinet of Oddities - piper

At the concert, I also sketched the flautists in action. A sub-contra-bass flute is an impressive piece of musical engineering.

Cabinet of Oddities sketches

Flight approaching

Flight foil cover

And this will be coming out later this year from Tiny Owl Workshop: Angela Slatter‘s Flight, with illustrations by me!

More details as they emerge.

Glimpses of Flight

Flight, the illustrated story I am working on with Angela Slatter (words by her, pictures by me) is scheduled to be published by Tiny Owl Workshop in February 2016.

Here are some more glimpses of the art on postcards and coasters Sue of Tiny Owl has put together for us to take to World Fantasy.

Flight collateral

Dreams of Flight

Scritch scritch scritch.

I am having an !August!, but for the very excellent reason that I am working on the illustrations for Flight, a story by Angela Slatter scheduled to be published by Tiny Owl Workshop at a date rapidly drawing near.

Here is a sneak-peek.

And a vaguely interested fox.

And a marginal paen to my pen.