October calendar

October calendar detail

Some spooky things in trees for October!

October calendar detail

I did this at the last minute, which is why there is so much going on in the picture. I also watched a lot of Frost tonight. And did some other illustrations. And it is 2am, good grief. My eyes basically look like the eyes in these pictures.

October calendar art

I changed the order in which I coloured the under-layers, and am getting closer to a useful effect.


By clicking on the images below, you can print the calendar either pre-coloured or for colouring in.




And I’ve put it up on Redbubble, too, on assorted things.

Illustration Friday: Shades

Illustration Friday: Shades

Trying out different approaches to cover, preparation for some upcoming work. The illustration above is all digital (using a coffee-and-ink texture I made last year). The one below (which I prefer – I like the clear lines of ink better than softer digital in general) is pen and ink with digital colour – the only texture is from the drawing paper.

Orange Turtleneck

Possibly I prefer the one below because I would like that sweater.

Edit: Aim for next week is to get the picture up before the topic changes over.