All the 2022 calendar pages

Every month (with the support of patrons) I make a printable (and colour-able) calendar page. (You, too, can support the calendar, receive the files early, and get occasional alternative colourways here:

Here are all the designs for 2022:

12 tiled fairytale patterns

To view the art larger, as a gallery/slideshow, click the images below.

Many of the designs had multiple colourways in the original posts (and a few extra for patrons). You can see those, and descriptions of the process, under the calendar tag or here: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

I’ve also made a colouring book of the line-art for patrons at the stationery level.

A Year in Fairy Tales: 12 Colouring Pages from 2022

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A gleaming fox for a stolen heir: an under-cover reveal

Cover of Holly Black's The Stolen Heir: a golden wicker age, a wren, and a knife
Cover art by Sean Freeman, design by Karina Granda

Holly Black’s next Elfhame novel, The Stolen Heir, has been announced and is now available for preorder!

Return to the opulent world of Elfhame, filled with intrigue, betrayal, and dangerous desires, with this first book of a captivating new duology from the #1 New York Times bestselling author Holly Black. 

A runaway queen. A reluctant prince. And a quest that may destroy them both...

I can only show you what Holly has shared so far, but that includes what’s under the dust jacket — a foiled fox-and-heart, by me!

Photo of the boards under the dustjacket of Holly Black's The Stolen Heir: a line drawing of a fox leaping downwards with a heart in its jaws
Photo pinched from Holly’s instagram

Process posts will follow once the book is out (patrons will get first look).

Kanagawa University mini exhibition

Screenshot from linked website:

As part of AUSTRALIA WEEK at KANAGAWA UNIVERSITY we are pleased to
present a mini exhibition featuring the work of Australian artists Kathleen
Jennings, Jazmina Cininas, and Mortimer Menpes.

an exhibition featuring Australian artists in Japan
As part of the exchange of ideas between Australia and Japan, this
exhibition showcases the dreamy artwork and paper cuts of
KATHLEEN JENNINGS, the whimsical wolves and girls in the wood
of JAZMINA CININAS, and the water colours of MORTIMER

As part of Australia Week at Kanagawa University and the Festival of the Fantastic in Australian and Japanese Arts, there is currently a poster/print exhibition of art by Jazmina Cininas and me! It runs from 14 until 28 November 2022, and if you are in Kanagawa, you can find the more precise whereabouts in this Instagram post from their English department.

Photo of A1 prints of art on easels in front of long windows in a university corridor
Includes art for Frances Harding (Utz Books), Juliet Marillier (Serenity Press), Corella Press (University of Queensland) and Wildendrem (Phantom Mill Games)

And you can have a look at other free in-person and virtual events on the website for the Festival of the Fantastic in Australian and Japanese Arts.

Wildendrem — Kickstarting (funded in two days!)

"The Valley of Flowers" cover — a silhouette (yellow to pink gradient on dark blue background) of flowers with beasts and knights and monks among them, and towers below descending like roots

I had the chance to illustrate the cover for Wildendrem, from Phantom Mill Games, a fantasy campaign setting that is kickstarting now. At the date of this post, there are 20 days left to run in the campaign, which funded fully by its second day

Wildendrem is a land lousy with knights, where the quest is the chief currency, and where the dark dreamings of the ancient world still seep from the shadows. It is a land gone strange: picture a black light Avalon, or the Knights of the Round Table in the grips of a sorcerous hallucination. The Wildendrem style of fantasy adventure is a vibrant combination of high medieval and deep weird.

The subject of this first volume is Gnolune, the Valley of Flowers, one of Wildendrem’s nine provinces. It is a place of decadence and dangerous beauty, in which flower knights roam the meadows in search of challengers, monks make wine to inspire visions of a lost empire, and a sorceress tends to the eons-long birth of a vegetal godling.

You can support the game, pre-order, and perhaps push it into stretch goal territory here: Wildendrem Volume One.

Kickstarter cover image for Wildendrem, bodies fallen among barrels and flowers
The Knights of the Upended Goblet. (Illustration by Evangeline Gallagher)

November 2022 calendar — iconographies

A design of yellow motifs of skulls, mushrooms, cats, foxes, goblets, pomegranates, etc on a blue ground.

These calendar pages are made possible by patrons, who get them a little bit early, along with alternative colourways, and other sneak-peeks and behind-the-scenes art: It is also supported by those very kind people who throw a few dollars towards it via the tip jar:

For November, and my sore elbow, here is a set of tiny motifs — I drew them half-size with a different pen than usual (a Kuretake Zig Mangaka flexible pen, instead of a Hunt Crowquill 102 dip pen), to spare my arm.

My heart is still with the dip pen, and I will return to it as soon as my elbow mends, but I do enjoy the graphic qualities of these images.

Sketch for a design of yellow motifs of skulls, mushrooms, cats, foxes, goblets, pomegranates, etc.

I was also trying to use a different colour scheme, but managed to circle back around to my old favourite blue and gold.

Patrons also got a bubble-gum and raspberry version.

Cropped section of design of bubble-gum-pink motifs of skulls, mushrooms, cats, foxes, goblets, pomegranates, etc on a raspberry ground.

I’m planning a repeating pattern, but I’m also in transit at the moment, so that will probably be a little while away.

Below (for personal use) are the printable versions — one pre-coloured and one to colour in yourself.

If you like these and/or like supporting artists, you can contribute to the calendar (and get it and other behind-the-scenes things early) at (starts at US$1/month) or tip me a few dollars through Ko-Fi: Either is greatly appreciated! And of course many previous designs are available as prints etc on Redbubble and Spoonflower.

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November 2022 calendar with a design of yellow motifs of skulls, mushrooms, cats, foxes, goblets, pomegranates, etc on a blue ground.
November 2022 calendar lineart with a design of motifs of skulls, mushrooms, cats, foxes, goblets, pomegranates, etc.

Fabrics and wallpapers: Enchanted forests and musical skeletons

Rolls of wallpaper with skeletons and trees

Samples have arrived from Spoonflower, which means the enchanted forests and skeleton orchestra designs are now available as fabrics and wallpaper!

row of fabrics with enchanted trees in various colours
(photo taken in haste on my mother’s striped ironing board!)

This grasscloth wallpaper is gorgeous, by the way — extraordinarily textured and very crisp.

I highly recommend ordering swatches first. Spoonflower has a variety of fabrics and wallpapers, which means colours can print subtly differently — for example, the cottons tend to be a bit more muted, the velvets are more saturated (and the Celosia velvet brings out yellow tones), while the wallpapers have crisp lines on a range of textures.

Malachite-green enchanted trees on velvet

You can find them all at my Spoonflower shop — and as well as allowing you to buy lengths, Spoonflower also offers some pre-sewn bed and table linens. (And for other objects, there’s Redbubble.)

small swatches of patterns of enchanted trees, skeletons, fairy-tale motifs, dragons, houses

LitJoy Crate — The Folk of the Air

Photo of book opened to signing page with watercolour design of mushrooms and tiny creatures
Photo from LitJoy Crate, illustration by me!

UPDATE: as of 1 October 2022 this is sold out BUT you can sign up for a waitlist in case they are able to add more to their order

LitJoy Crate is releasing a Holly Black collection! The Folk of the Air Collector’s Edition Box Set will include:

Gold-illustrated box cover for the Folk of the Air
Photo from LitJoy Crate

Here is the full list of contents (from LitJoy Crate) for the box:

  • All 3 books in The Folk of the Air series: The Cruel Prince, The Wicked King,and The Queen of Nothing, PLUS the novella, How the King of Elfhame Learned To Hate Stories(in its own hardcover)
  • NEW COVERS and 3 TIP-IN ART pages in the main titles (9 illustrations total!), AND the original illustrations in the novella by Rovina Cai
  • Handwritten ANNOTATIONS by Holly Black throughout all the books
  • Fully illustrated SLIPCASE
  • Gilded Gold PAGE EDGES
  • Printed on acid-free paper
  • Bonus Content: At the end of King of Elfhame, process sketches for our new illustrations will have ANNOTATIONS by Holly Black!
  • Each Book Box Set will come with a FREE Adventure Card!
  • We will also be including a FREE Preorder Art Print, with more details coming soon!
Photo of book open to hand-annotated chapter
Photo from LitJoy Crate

Important Dates (from LitJoy Crate)

UPDATE: as of 1 October 2022 this is sold out BUT you can sign up for a waitlist in case they are able to add more to their order

  • September 28th – Book Box Set SALES OPEN to subscribers
  • September 29th – Book Box Set SALES OPEN to the public
  • October 19th – Items in the LitJoy © Holly Black Collection go on sale to subscribers
  • October 20th – Items in the LitJoy © Holly Black Collection go on sale to the public

Curlews on Vulture Street launch and exhibition of original illustrations

Cover of Curlews on Vulture Street by Darryl Jones — a photo of a bush stone-curlew on a blue background

Darryl Jones’ Curlews on Vulture Street is out this month! He will be in conversation with Christine Jackman at Avid Reader in Brisbane this month, on 14 September 2022 — and for those attending in person the original artwork for my illustrations will be on display (and available!)

Hand holding cut paper silhouette of leaves, branch and flowers, with hint of a cockatoo pulling at a strand of something

Darryl Jones – Curlews On Vulture Street

Wednesday 14 September 2022
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
In store at Avid Reader Bookshop / ZOOM Online

Instore Ticket $15.00, Zoom Ticket $5.00
Tickets available until 14 September 2022 4:00 PM

Despite the noise, heat, dust and fumes, the ceaseless movement, light and toxins, many birds successfully live their lives among us. And not just furtively in the shadows. Ibis steal our lunch, brush-turkeys rearrange gardens and magpies chase us from near their nest.

From blackbirds and sparrows in his childhood country town to brush-turkeys in the suburbs, Darryl Jones shares a fascinating story of curiosity, discovery, adventure and conflict, played out in the streets and backyards of Australia. He also provides rare insights into the intimate lives of some of our most beloved and feared, despised and admired neighbours. Magpies, curlews, ibis, lorikeets and cockatoos will never seem the same again.

Darryl Jones is a Professor of Ecology at Griffith University in Brisbane, where he has been investigating the many ways that people and wildlife interact for over 30 years. He is particularly interested in why some species are extremely successful in urban landscapes, while many others are not, and how best to deal with the ensuing conflicts. More recently, he has been trying to understand more about the humans that also live in cities in large numbers, and how they engage with nature. This has led him into the strange and fascinating world of wild bird feeding and has resulted in collaborations with other researchers all over the world. He has published six books, including The Birds at My Table and Feeding the Birds at My Table.

Hind Girls signing bookplates (for Angela Slatter)

Box with "Fast Printing" on the top

Something wonderful and shining just arrived from Fast Printing!

Hand holding fanned bookplate stickers: gold pattern of hind girls dancing on black paper

It’s a set of foil-printed bookplates for book signing, for Angela Slatter.

Hand holding bookplate sticker: gold pattern of hind girls dancing on black paper

So shiny!

These hind girls (and Angela’s books) were also the inspiration behind the July calendar:

Girls with antlers, flowers and knives frolic on a green ground

Here’s a quick glimpse of the process:

Bookplate of dancing hindgirls traced in white on black paper

The lesson I did learn was probably not to work quite so large for a bookplate again — it took up most of a sheet of A4 paper, and I had to adjust some of the tinier details for printing.

Dancing hind girls — partially cut out of black paper

Dancing in the dark…

Hand holding scrap from which owl and moon have been cut

For comparison, here is the full art, side-by-side with the bookplate. And I am delighted with how it turned out.

Spoonflower wallpaper discounts

For the next two days (until the end of 21 August ET), Spoonflower is offering 30% off all wallpaper.

You can find mine here (along with fabric): Tanaudel.

Screenshot of linked Spoonflower page with thumbnails of repeating images e.g. fairytale hands, gothic girls

And if you’re not in the mood for wallpaper but do like Art On Things, you can also find my work on Redbubble (all sorts of things) and InPrnt (prints).

There will be some new images on Spoonflower in a few weeks, too — I’m waiting for the test swatches to arrive.