A few pieces of news

  • I am walking around again and mostly not using a cane! The moral of the story: never mop.


“The world Slatter has created feels perfectly poised on the cusp of reality, in the same way that Gormenghast, or the twin countries of Guilder and Florin, might just, might almost, just perhaps, have been real–if you squint at them sideways and imagine that somehow the relevant chapters in the history books got themselves skipped in high school…

…there may be undertakers who talk to ghosts, and pirates, and sorcerers, and badgers that change into people and back again, but the emotion, the people, the relationships, the families, and most of all, the loves and the hates, the revenges, the primal centres of these stories: all of this is profoundly real.”

It’s a very true review with some good thoughts about fantasy and the experience of reading in general, but he also refers to “numerous elegant, humane little illustrations”, which for me was one of those epiphanies: “That! That is what I want to do. Oh wait, he was talking about me!”Dust jacket

Diane, by Kat Weaver

  • Alas, Jedediah Berry’s beautiful Untine, a story told by Twitter poll, is completed (with some post-it-note drawings by me)

Owl Baron - Untine

Owls in suits

There are moments where you go to illustrate something which sounds cool, and then run up against the interplay of avian aerodynamics with traditional tailoring.

I’m currently running around frantically working on illustrations for Tremontaine and a few more post-America pre-2016 deadlines, and winding down on something else big, about which I will blog in due course.

In the meantime, may I commend to you Tremontaine, which I have been enjoying tremendously in draft, Bookburners, the first three episodes of which have been delightful (I’m listening to the audio while I work and appreciating Xe Sands laid-back delivery).

And, of course, Jedediah Berry’s Untine, an in-progress, interactive story guided by Twitter poll, which prompted the suited owls above.