Light Grey Kickstarter: World Roulette art book

150 worlds by 150 artists!

Light Grey Art Lab’s Kickstarter for the worldbuilding art book of the World Roulette exhibition is now live!

You can pre-order the art book, there are pins, a deck of prompts, prints, and more.

And you can also see the exhibition itself, either in person at the Light Grey Art Lab gallery in Minneapolis, or online: World Roulette.

Cabaret of Monsters


So, a little while ago I mentioned Tansy Rayner Roberts’s Kickstarter campaign to reprint the Creature Court trilogy. It was successful, and she has launched her new novella in that world: Cabaret of Monsters. This was another fun image to play with: Flappers! Wolves! Stars!

The cover design and typography is by Cathy Larsen.




The pins have also been produced, and look very shiny online.


I’ll show mine off as soon as Australia Post delivers the goods but in the meantime, here is Tansy’s photo:

creaturecourt - 1 (4).jpg