Album art — Foulweather Bluff: Love Songs for Jilted Mermaids

Hey, look! It’s my mermaid-of-ambiguous-intent on the cover of Foulweather Bluff’s moody, mythic, laconic Love Songs for Jilted Mermaids! The album is out now on streaming sites including YouTube and Spotify.

Album cover: mermaid drowning a sailor in a blue linocut illustration, with album title "Love Songs For Jilted Mermaids — Foulweather Bluff"

The mermaid image continues to be available on Redbubble, including as stickers and t-shirts.

Illustration Friday: Black and White


Here is a tiny linocut Holstein-Friesian cow for this week’s Illustration Friday topic, “black and white”. And, of course, a cattle bird.

The choice was heavily influenced by my current reading: Ovid’s Metamorphoses (tweets start here), where cattle (and snakes) feature heavily (“the same they did out Queensland way…”).

I’m still feeling my way around this media, so expect a few more pieces as I working on getting it obey my will. Mwhahahaha.