Illustration Friday: Foggy

This week a thumbnail. Next week, the world. Or at least, bits of Vanuatu.


Also, as foggy can lead by association to vague –> rough –> sketchy, here are a couple concept sketches, of which more when something comes of them:

Green Alice


Cheshire Cat Lady


Hopefully you can work out what they are about without clicking through!

As always, comments and critique are very welcome.

Illustration Friday: Horizon


For Illustration Friday, I was working on a little carved stamp of a sunset and “The End”, but that proved surprisingly elusive, and my last large stamp bases retain ink unsatisfactorily, so that is a project for another day and better light.


The Soldier Flower Disrobes

When I was small and we lived for a few years in Brisbane, my father showed me how these flowers looked like little soldiers, and how you could remove their helmet and coat and tunic and leave them cold and bare in their long pale underwear.

Most of the rest of the world knows them only in troops, the bunched flowers of the Cockspur Coral tree – Erythrina crista-galli. I found that out this week.

I collected this one from the bitumen on my street. The wriggly pattern is probably bug damage, from its shape.

Drawn in my pocket Moleskine sketchbook with Faber Castel manga markers.

The Soldier Flower Decays

I let this one decay for a day on my desk. He turned from brilliant scarlet to being shot through with purples and greens.

Drawn in my pocket Moleskine sketchbook with my beloved Prismacolours (beloved at least among coloured pencils).

(So you see, I am conquering my resistance to using a Moleskine on other than special occasions).


Kashelle N

Originally uploaded by tanaudel

Kashelle (fresh back from three months overseas) and I went to Brunswick Mall today, but the markets were almost non-existent today. Still, we tried some interesting gelati at Schlix (Kashelle had orange-carrot-and-ginger and I had black-sesame which was smoky and nutty and good) before going back to Auchenflower.

I brought out my Spectrums and some graphic novels for Kashelle to look at, and sketched this picture of her while she was reading. It’s with my Faber Castel markers, which I am growing to like more than I once did, but more on that later.

It is… recognisable, but I’d like to have done more with the dreadlocks and backlighting… and her nose, which is too wide here.