One Was Dalek

One Was Dalek

This instalment of the Dalek Game is for Maurice Sendak’s best book, One Was Johnny. I’m a fan of Alligators All Around and A Hole is to Digetc (and this one, of course) but this counting rhyme of an antisocial reader with too many unexpected guests was my first and remains my favourite.

It also explains a lot about Daleks.

In other news: Hello, I am still here! I have had a lot of speed-reading to do for upcoming jobs, and other things which shall be revealed… Also, I finished reading through my Large Amorphous Manuscript and breaking it into scenes, preparatory to editing it, AND I have almost finished a short story. I have not seen much sunshine.

Where the Wild Daleks Are

Where the Wild Daleks Are

This instalment of The Dalek Game is for Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are. I wanted to like the film, but couldn’t. It was very beautiful and atmospheric, and probably a very good film – but it didn’t have any of the brief wild joy and sturdy comfort of the original story, and I couldn’t watch it and forgive that loss (which was, I think, what the film may have been about). Hook came closer to the flight/adventure/return, and sometimes Labyrinth gets a little of it – but really, Labyrinth is best paired with Sendak’s Outside Over There, which in turn has more of the distant eeriness of the Wild Things film.

My favourite Sendak story, however, is still-and-always One was Johnny, for easily-frustrated little Johnny who “lived by himself and LIKED IT LIKE THAT!”

In other news: Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #52 is out, with a story and two illustrations by me (and some by other people) – I talked about them and the process here. And now I must run and eat popcorn and toast marshmallows and draw.

You make my heart sing…

You make my heart sing

My contribution to ArtSpark Theatre’s altered photograph art challenge. Old photograph altered in Photoshop. I’ve been wanting to do something Sendaky (a side-effect of admiring the lovely art on Terrible Yellow Eyes), but even trying to echo Sendak’s techniques in Where the Wild Things Are gives me so much respect for what he could do.

My favourite Sendak, however, is still One was Johnny.