Five names for a guard dog

  1. Rodrigo
  2. Voldemort
  3. Darth Maul
  4. Cavalry
  5. Saucer

5 names for a (hypothetical) cat

Five possible names for a (hypothetical) cat, based purely on how much I want an excuse to stand in the backyard and call them out:

  1. Chrestomanci
  2. Bloody Mary
  3. Hathaway
  4. Stella
  5. Geronimo

Other contenders were “Doctor” and “Nooooo!”.

Little Sticky Notes

Five yellow post-it notes I took off my wall at work:


Presumably, I wanted to call home, buy Gorey’s Doubtful Guest and pick up the Bureau of Meteorology calendar for 2008. The last two went unaccomplished. Great calendar, though.

Making Money Made Simple
Noel Whitaker –>

Finally got the 20th anniversary edition. Read it. Good introduction to principles of personal finance, investment etc, and I’d recommend it to someone starting out to save (or who should start out to save) or interested in good stewardship of money. But one of those titles which misleads people on public transport (“The Guaranteed Secrets of Wealth!” and “Ten Steps to a Million Dollars!” screaming on the back don’t help).

Ezra Pound
Support staff day

Unrelated notes: I wanted poetry by the former and the date (gerberas, buying, for the purposes of) of the latter.


Interesting names – one from readings in feminist theory, the other from a handcrafted saint’s shrine (any conclusions about me based soley on that sentence are drawn at your own risk). I think Sojourner Truth and Harper Lee are two very beautiful names that would be cruel to inflict on hypothetical children. Except maybe as middle names.

Book Burnings & Birthday Parties

An idea, but I can’t remember what for. Possibly I liked the alliteration. I don’t now.