One Small Step Anthology – Ella and the Flame

Ella Sketch

Sable jumped to her feet. “Let me be the dragon!” she cried. “Look!” And she cast great shadows with her arms so that they looked like jaws.

“It looks like a dog!” exclaimed Ella, scornful.

“It’s a wolf-dragon,” said Sable. “Go on!”

Outside, there was a roar of voices, and then a hissing, a whispering.

“Go on!” said Anne urgently. “A great dragon?”

“No, three dragons!” revised Ella, suddenly gleeful… So Anne cast a demure dragon upon the wall, and Mary a reluctant one, and Sable moved her sleeves against the light like beating wings…

I do sometimes write stories – the sort that have lots of words in them and no pictures at all! So (because I can’t help myself) here, above, is a page of my notebook with some scribblings for my little story “Ella and the Flame”, which is not quite so pleasant as these selections from it appear. It is in Fablecroft’s latest anthology, One Small Step, which is now available to order and will be launched at Conflux in Canberra on Friday 26 April.

It is also available in a giveaway on GoodReads (open until 20 April).

The anthology has a striking table of contents, including a foreword by Marianne de Pierres and stories by Joanne Anderton & Rabia GaleDeborah BiancottiJodi CleghornRowena Cory DaniellsThoraiya DyerKate GordonLisa L. Hannett & Angela Slatter, Penelope Love, Michelle Marquardt, DK Mok, Faith Mudge, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Barbara Robson, Cat Sparks, Suzanne J Willis (and me).