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The Semi-Secret Project (aka CoL) progresses. I am alternating between writing new stuff and typing up the scraps of paper I have stuffed into a plastic sleeve. There will be a lot of excess.

The artscaresyou auction is over – congratulations to everyone who got the books/marzipan noses/dalek art they were after. I don’t know yet what the tally is, but my little villain went for $50! So I hope that pushed the total up a little.

Time is running out! (Auction update)

The artscaresyou auctions end tomorrow night (local time). If there is anything you want, take action! (Bidding info here – you don’t have to be a livejournal member).

A list of all items is here . Notable items include a steampunk necklace, original Shaun Tan artwork, an autographed Good Omens, a Pendlerook Mary Shelly doll and some marzipan noses.

There is also my original framed pocket villain paperdoll (currently at $30, and postage included).

The fundraising effort is 90% of the way to its goal – Bid now! Bid often!

Pocket villain to scale - Auction

Villain, with another paper doll for scale.