The Dalek of the Opera


This instalment of the Dalek Game is for Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera, which I have read, and cannot find my copy anywhere to lend to mulders drapery, so if you have it would you please give it back? All this said, the last time I read it was a very long time ago, and my only clear memory is of two heroes trapped in an octagonal room of mirrors? with an iron gallows tree in it, endlessly reflected? and maybe a very bright lamp? It is entirely possible this isn’t even in the book, but it made a keen impression on me.

My favourite adaptation is (but of course) Terry Pratchett’s Maskerade, which is everything it should be, and has all the trimmings, even the gargoyles. Especially the gargoyles.

In other news: I am back from Sydney, where I went for the Aurealis Awards, where I won many accolades for my shawl and wore myself out talking to Absolutely Everyone (photos of some of whom are here, courtesy of Cat Sparks), visiting ferrets, being given Heyer novels, and generally being windswept and interesting. I have no sketches due to talking the entire time. So many congratulations to everybody!