Illustration Friday: Cracked

Illustration Friday: Cracked

A photoshop sketch of one perspective of the debate on book-as-vessel vs book-as-object.

And in related news – look what I found at Pulp Fiction bookstore today!

A cloud in the hand

Illustration Friday: Clutter


I try not to gather figurines, bric-a-brac or dust collectors. When I do, they gather on the bookshelf above my computer and look down at me reproachfully.

This is a quick photoshop sketch of Bruce and Jasmine, trying to get my fingers used to the wacom again (like many things, this process has been half learning to see in a certain way, and half getting my hands to obey me). I like the movement in it but would perhaps put more colour in if I were to do it again. Maybe some red in the shadows.

Comments and criticism are always welcome.

Illustration Friday: Baby

As mentioned earlier, I was dithering between extremes for this topic. Nasty, nice, or something with Patrick Swayze in it?

I opted for the first two…

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Illustration Friday: Electricity

Steampunk, Indiana Jones, my mother, a banana, a saltshaker, Mary Shelley and a ballpoint sketch meet the 1887 volume of Cassels Magazine:

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Illustration Friday: Choose

This week’s illustration below…

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Illustration Friday: Stitch


Here is this week’s Illustration Friday contribution, digitally drawn and coloured. I am still messing about in Photoshop, getting comfortable with it.

The picture is a little gory, but is an illustration of a parlour trick/joke my mother taught me.

Here is another version in a rather different style:


Illustration Friday: 100%

Fear of Success

This week’s theme is “100%”, and the illustration is “Fear of Success”. It isn’t always a good idea to give 100%. Born of reading Neil Fiore and being annoyed with my Collins daily quotation desk calendar (yes, already). Every day I look forward to writing snarky rejoinders to the inspirational quotes in red biro at the bottom of the page.

I drew this on the wacom tablet in photoshop. I am still learning to use both. The brushes came with the program and the texture is from a photo I took of paint and water draining across a footpath.