TV Sketching: Queens of Mystery

The last TV sketches for season 2 of Queens of Mystery, “The Raven”, episodes 5 and 6.

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As usual, the rule of TV sketching is I can’t pause the show. These sketches are done on the iPad in Procreate.

I wish there’d been time to catch the architecture, which was delightful
random background traffic cone costume
fires and arches
knives at twilight

This was a very fun season to sketch — so much colour and slightly heightened/stylised imagery. And some gorgeous locations.

All tv sketches are under the “TV sketching” tag, and the Previous Queens of Mystery sketches are here:

TV sketching: Queens of Mystery

More tv sketches (done on the iPad using Procreate) of Queens of Mystery Season 2 Episodes 3 & 4, “The Modern Art of Murder” (Acorn TV).

Artists behaving badly
This pink
Motorbikes and planes
Blues, and variably-effective sneaking
Lighting challenges — also, foreshortening is an adventure when drawn in a hurry
staying cool

In between seasons 1 and 2, the actress playing the main character, Mathilda Stone, changed, and the effect is practically seamless. Florence Hall is a good physical match to Olivia Vinall, but she steps — and leans — into the role fully, and really sells the transition. In addition to her work, the strong colour coding and silhouette choices of the show work fabulously to blend the edges of the change. I’d love to hear about the choices and work involved in Florence Hall inhabiting this existing role.

(Everyone did a fabulous job, clearly, because I didn’t notice except for thinking Mathilda’s cheeks were somehow different when she smiled, until Carl pointed it out in the comments to the last set of sketches.)

Here’s a screenshot of the sketches in progress, because this show is making me use colours I wouldn’t usually choose.

Previous TV sketches can be found under the tag TV sketching.

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TV Sketching: Queens of Mystery

Some sketches (done in Procreate) of Queens of Mystery Season 2 Episodes 1 & 2, “Sparring with Death” (Acorn TV).

The usual rules apply: no pausing.

Never enough time to draw houses!
Never trust a sauna
There were some very complicated chairs
Group shots are a trick at speed
Tiny shoelace-tying moment! Also: dramatic lighting remains enjoyable to draw.

It’s a very stylised show, which makes it a lot of fun to sketch: strong clear colour cues and coding, distinctive silhouettes, slightly exaggerated movements. I wouldn’t mind going back and sketching the first season.