Motivational quotes

- Angle Grinding
- Bed of Nails
- Fire Acts (Excludes pyro as defined by state or federal laws)
- Sword Swallowing
- Own Body Piercing

I keep this screenshot (from a list of exclusions on my insurer’s website) to look at whenever I start feeling like the book life might be a little bit risky.

(The version below is less snappy, but it’s funnier because of the cooking.)

Workshops and teaching are automatically covered for all insured performing activities except:  Aerial Performer, Sword Swallowing, Angle Grinding, Parkour, Cooking Demonstrations, Bed of Nails, Fire Acts, Own Body Piercing, Roller Skating / Skateboarding.

(Source: Duck for Cover)

Peter de Sève on style (or ‘voice’)

 “An artist’s drawing is a catalog of the shapes that he loves. When I’m drawing something, I’m trying to find the shapes that please me. I believe that’s what makes up what people refer to as a style”.

 Peter de Sève, A Sketchy Past: The Art of Peter de Sève