Distance ed


Me and my enormous feet at school, supervised by my dad, with those all-important School of the Air adjuncts: a Royal Flying Doctor radio and a fearsome stack of butchers’s paper.

If you find you’re having more group meetings remotely, here are some etiquette tips from those days:

  • Raising hand to ask a question/interjecting with a question –> “[own name] with a question!”
  • Raising hand in response to a request by teacher –> “[Own name]!”
  • Concluding a remark/answer –> “… [teacher’s name].”

(When I went to boarding school, I got laughed at for shouting “Katie with a question” with my hands neatly on my desktop, and for finishing my answers with the teacher’s name, as in, “The chimera was made in 400BC, Mrs Lamerton”.)

More useful substitutions:

  • Feigning ignorance/inability –> crumple a chip packet into the microphone.
  • My dog ate my homework –> oh no, I have to go, the cows got into the house paddock and are knocking over the antenna.
  • Fall asleep in class –> the tractor battery powering the radio ran out of charge.

(These are all real examples and scale well to current technology. For example, we were participating in a group online watch-and-shout-along of The Lady and the Highwayman last night until a possum knocked a fuse off the electrical pole.)