Science Write Now #5: Illustration and Illumination

Science Write Now have republished several of my observation journal essays in their latest issue on Illustration and Illumination.

art by Kaylah Del Simone

You can see the full issue of essays, reviews, memoir, fiction and poetry over on Science Write Now. Here is the table of contents, to tempt you:

    • Beyond Sight: A Personal History of Imaging by Verity Borthwick
    • The Visual Art of Writing or Krissy Kneen Carves out a Book by Krissy Kneen
    • Observation Journal: Introduction by Kathleen Jennings
    • Observation Journal: Surfaces by Kathleen Jennings
    • Observation Journal: Variations on Descriptions by Kathleen Jennings
    • Double Space: Creating Optical Image System Artworks across Art and STEM by Deirdre Feeney
    • Review of The Smallest Lights in the Universe by Melanie Myers
    • Eclipse by Amanda Niehaus
    • Excerpt from The Birdman’s Wife by Melissa Ashley
    • Spectrum by Bronwyn Lovell
    • Resolution by Kathryn Fry
    • Collisions by J.M. Donellan
    • Daggered and Typed by H.E. Riddleton
    • mind-bending by Tom Hennemann
    • The last of this red hour by Willo Drummond
    • Orion Nebula by Alicia Sometimes
    • Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation by Alicia Sometimes
    • Anticipation of Light by Alicia Sometimes
    • Midnight Calls by Nicholas Bennett and illustrated by Tina Wilson

Science Write Now has also started a podcast which you can see here: Conversations. Edit: And my episode, being interviewed by Amanda Niehaus, is now up.