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Photo: State Library of Queensland

The fine people at the State Library of Queensland have now posted at length about the Next Library Camp, including sketches (by me!), photographs, and some of the presentations and creative projects: Next Library.

There are also shorter posts about participant experiences on the Public Libraries Connect Blog, and many photos at the Next Library Camp Flickr album (in case you’d like to compare them to the sketches.

Photo: State Library of Queensland

Here is my earlier post with details from the sketchbook: Library sketching — Next Library Camp at the State Library of Queensland.

The sketch page I was working on in the photo above (and the State Library photographer, Leif Ekstrom)

Library sketching — Next Library Camp at the State Library of Queensland

Edit: The library post is now up on Public Libraries Connect blog, along a longer page including some of the presentations, and several posts with participant experiences. The Next Library Camp Flickr album is also now online — so you can compare the pictures to the sketches.

On 31 May 2021 I had the honour and delight of sketching proceedings at the Next Library Camp at the State Library of Queensland (in connection with Aarhus Public Libraries with whom we had a short video linkup, so that librarians could call and wave to each other across timezones).

All five subjects of the Dangerous Women podcast (I was pleased I got them all in)

I was working in a pocket Moleskine sketchbook with Pitt Artist pens — I’ve written more about why and how I use so much blue and yellow for rapid sketches here: Sketchbook colours — blue and gold.

Zoom, and an escalating standard of props among storytelling librarians

It was a very full and interesting and thought-provoking day, organised for the State Library by Jackie Ryan (to be found at e.g. LinkedIn, UQP, Burgerforce), who has cultivated that really valuable creative gift of being able to put the right people together in the right room, and let good conversations happen.

I sketched for most of it, with occasional pauses to breathe/eat/stretch my hands. At the end, I presented the art and talked about the story of the day as filtered through a sketchbook — the necessity of selecting, the power of limitations, the charm of tiny details, the way those tiny details can accompany and elaborate on more formal records of an event, the mood and attitudes and fashion, the poses and thoughtfulness, the interactions of groups and personalities.

And below I present: all the sketches, with very high-level captions! I will link to the State Library blog post about the day when it goes live, which will have much more information. Not shown, because I was eating: catering (and the stories thereof) by Eritrean restaurant Mu’ooz.

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Illustration process — QLA portraits

Last month the Queensland Literary Awards were announced, and I illustrated the winners for the State Library (see previously: Queensland Literary Awards — Winners portraits).

Laura Elvery subsequently interviewed me about my process, and the result is a post with a bit too much detail and a lot of pictures — and a glimpse of the observation journal in action!

SLQ — A Conversation with Kathleen Jennings