Illustration Friday: Electronic


The Illustration Friday topic this week was “electronic”, and since I’ve been regretting my (unavoidable) inability to enter the Folio Society illustration competition, my thoughts were on Diana Wynne Jones’s books, and the unexpected co-appearances of magic and more contemporary technologies.

So here is a Howl, of Howl’s Moving Castle, as loosely suggested by a scene that is in the book, but not the movie!

And here is the original piece, with my hand for scale.


Illustration Friday: Duet

Illustration Friday: Duet

K & C in full song. Pen and ink (sepia and yellow) and hilarity. I understand they then went to Supanova in the Totoro and Cat Bus beanies (although, given K’s current wheelchaired state I was arguing for either a cardboard-box Dalek costume or a full-fledged Cat Bus).

Below is a slightly more serious pencil sketch with colour added in Photoshop:

Illustration Friday: Duet (less silly)