Flyaway a favourite for Washington Independent Review of Books

Flyaway was included in the Washington Independent Review of Books’ “Our 51 Favourite Books of 2020“.

You can see their full list here, and Mariko Hewer’s review of Flyaway here.

And, of course, you can buy Flyaway from all good bookstores.

Fanart! and three reviews

A circle made by the stem of a flying vine. On it perch two small birds, saying "monster" and "coward" across the circle at each other.
Art by Justin Devine on Drawn to Culture

Fanart! The first I’ve received! It accompanies a review below, and it is just perfect and allusive — those two little birds calling insults at each other. I love it.

Drawn to Culture

Justin Devine wrote and illustrated a lovely review of Flyway over on Drawn to Culture: Flyaway review

“One of my favorite concepts this book plays with is the idea of folklore as invasive species, and what happens to stories when they’re exported to unfamiliar lands…”

I really like the combination of reviews and fanart — so I’ve spoken to Justin about that since and will tell you more soon…

Washington Independent Review of Books

Mariko Hewer wrote a thoughtful review of Flyaway for the Washington Independent review of books: Flyaway review. (FYI — this is not a spoilery review but it does follow the plot along reasonably far).

“As you might imagine, Flyaway is not the sort of book to tie every loose end into a beautiful bow for the reader’s sake. But it will leave you feeling deeply satisfied…”

The Canberra Times

Colin Steele also reviewed Flyaway for The Canberra Times: An impressive mixture of gothic and folklore

“it’s almost Jane Harper meets Garth Nix”

As an aside, I am thoroughly enjoying all the connections people make between Flyaway and other books. Jane Harper and Garth Nix. Angela Carter and E Nesbit….