Wind in My Hair, stars in my eyes… rain in my shoes

I’d forgotten the sky could hold this much water. I can’t use scratchboard because the ink is damp, I can only do enough laundry at a time to fill my little airing rack, my shoes and stockings have been soggy all day and the windows are buckling on the eighth floor. And it isn’t even warmer, which is the effect cloud cover is supposed to have, because if I go outside to appreciate it I will be drenched and windswept within minutes.

Also (and this may not be related to the weather) I am having difficulty with this week’s Illustration Friday topic, “Baby”, because everytime I brain storm I end up with something saccharine (not doing), horrible (fun, but not sure I should be doing), or something captionable with “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”.

While I dither about whether or not to go with murderous matryoshka dolls, here is last night’s work: the June header for this blog. It was a fast job, and I am still learning my way around Inkscape, but I like it (sans calligraphy), especially the background which is something I did up a few weeks ago when I was running with spangles and circus themes (the spangles came off the costume of an ill-fated human cannonball). The face is based on a picture of me (Self as Starlet on Flickr).

June blog header

I look a little like I should be sitting in an old-fashioned motor car. Or possibly just sitting in the road looking wistfully after one, like Toad of Toad Hall.

Short Update

  • Tickets to Vanuatu for three weeks. No guarantee will hit what aim for with hammer.
  • Sepia sky.
  • A moralistic and mouldering old book with beautiful cover.
  • An unkept bathroom.
  • Thespian judiciary.
  • Sick headache probably my own fault.
  • Back to blogs for pleasure not duty.
  • Coconut rice.
  • Cheap offcut of scraperboard.
  • Tea universal panacea. Am aware of tautology but sounds better that way.
  • Rain in the kitchen.
  • Realised I have April reviews to do.
  • Debate on correct disposition of commas.
  • Early night.